The New Party offers visionary and exciting ideas free from political prejudice. Our fundamental belief is in the ability of people to make a success of their lives if they are given the means. We support those who accept that rights come with responsibilities and that we have a shared duty of care towards the next generation. We strongly believe that the present government is racking up an unsustainable level of debt and that this is both economically and morally wrong.

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Update: The Coalition Government

The Coalition has totally failed to get a grip on the situation. Not only has the level of government borrowing actually risen, but productivity continues to fall. We are rapidly approaching a Greece like situation but still the nonsense continues. Not content with trying to impose PR on an unwilling electorate, they now wish to demolish the only part of government which still holds rational debates, the House of Lords. This reform is all about an attempt by the Lib-Dems to gain the balance of power in the upper House as well. It is not being done for the greater good and must be rejected. What is needed is a non-political revising chamber composed of publically appointed people with a proven track record.