Time for a Fresh Approach

The bedrock of our country is its democracy yet we have abused it beyond measure. We elect people who are plainly not up to the job and castigate them when their promises turn out to be hollow. Three parties have dominated our political system for almost a century. Labour, who promise Utopia and deliver catastrophe, the Conservatives who have lost the plot and the Lib-Dems who offer little other than they are neither Labour nor Tory.

Yet another general election will be fought by political pigmies. The patient is ill but where is the doctor and what is the medicine? The New Party has been warning of this crisis for some time and part of the introduction to our 2006 manifesto is reproduced on the next page. This time we say that matters will continue to deteriorate but that we have it in our power to make a full recovery.

We are a trading nation with good natural resources. We have manufacturing skills and many clever and well educated people. We also have the priceless example of an older generation with sound morals. Moreover, the economic crisis will focus minds as seldom before and give us a valuable opportunity to legislate for the common good rather than the vocal minority. We must re-awaken community spirit by tackling inequality and re-structuring the welfare system. We must drive up standards by making health services work for patients and not politicians and we must allow parents to access the best possible schools. We must also return the machinery of state to an affordable level by allowing people get on with their lives and by trusting them to act responsibly. Most of all, to quote President John F. Kennedy, we must stop asking what our country can do for us and start asking what we can do for our country.

We must once more become a progressive country where high standards of education, scientific advance, opportunity and enterprise are a matter of course. A country to be proud of, where people are confident yet mindful of others; and where the strong help the weak, rather than being weakened themselves.

The New Party proposes radical solutions to problems which can no longer be ignored. Difficult times lie ahead. However, if we have the courage to face down the selfish, educate the ignorant and promote the positive, then success will follow.

We hope that you find our manifesto of interest and we look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Vass

We believe in personal responsibility, local democracy, freedom of choice and a free market economy. The proposals here form the basis of our manifesto. They have been developed over a number of years in conjunction with people who are acknowledged as being expert in their field.

Download a PDF copy of our manifesto (4 MB)