Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Foods

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has failed. It has increased food prices, impoverished farmers and undermined Third World markets. It is an obstacle to fair trade and developing countries are held back by the EU’s inability to reform. We would actively campaign to have the CAP replaced by a system that would retain the farm unit, increase production, provide local food and boost rural employment.

Similarly, the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) has all but wiped out fish stocks and our fishing communities. The use of quotas has been a disaster and the Faroese “effort based” regime has proved to be much better for protecting and rebuilding stocks, a policy that the New Party would adopt.

Imports represent 85% of the UK timber market costing us £8 billion a year. However our proposals for targeted aid and getting rid of unnecessary bureaucracy would go a long way towards helping the UK industry to compete with overseas produced timber.

Finally, all food importers would be required to guarantee that their suppliers met minimum standards on employee conditions and animal welfare so that UK producers are not put at a competitive disadvantage. Our policies on farming, fishing and food will support our proposals for promoting better nutrition (see Health and Well-Being).