Ownership: Delivering freedom of choice in public services

Everyone should have a stake in society and be encouraged to make the most of their lives. Welfare dependency does not work. We will replace state control with the freedom of choice.

Replacing State Welfare with Personal Welfare

People are happiest when living in a society which offers the benefits of a modern culture without dictating how they should live their lives. It is vital that as many of us as possible believe in and support a strong and inclusive society. However, the best way to achieve this is not by state provision but by enabling individuals to build up their own assets in a manner chosen by them and best suited to their abilities.

We must face up to the fact that the Welfare State does not work and has caused many thousands to be born into poverty and deprivation. This has resulted in a significant number of children becoming social misfits with many of them going on to bring still more under-privileged children into the world. If we wish to create a country fit for purpose , then we must break this vicious circle by giving everyone a proper start in life and promoting the family unit. Our taxation and welfare systems must therefore be redesigned to minimise these problems instead of helping to create them.

The New Party proposes a simple but effective measure which will free us from state inefficiency whilst encouraging initiative and personal responsibility: Lifetime Accounts. This ground-breaking concept would also provide a secure foundation for equally innovative policies on health, pensions and social welfare.

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