Real level of debt tops £100,000 per household

Posted Date: 1-June, 2011

The UK government is now borrowing - even on official figures - £141 billion per year. That is almost £3 billion per week, or equivalent to £450 per month for each household in the country.

This is simply unsustainable. An annual deficit of 10 per cent of GDP...

Germany abandons nuclear power

Posted Date: 31-May, 2011

The horrendous earthquake in Japan on March 11th, and in particular the tsunami that followed, will have far-reaching effects into the future. One of the more bizarre effects has been the decision by Germany to close all of its nuclear plants by 2022, prompted most...

No better alternative

Posted Date: 30-May, 2011

The arrest of Ratko Mladic brings forward the prospects for Serbia's closer integration with the rest of Europe and also focuses our attention on the role and legitimacy of the International Criminal...